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Clean room and beddings. Free netflix access. Comes with useful appliances. Easy to do laundry. Near to MRT, hawkers and malls. Ms. Mary was able to provide my needs during my stay. No lift access, but Ms. Mary helped in bringing my stuff to upper floor. Though I had difficulty going down when I check out due to life unavailability. Overall, very good experience. No lift access.

- Edrick18-02-2020

Great People, Great Service, Great Location, Great Price. Cannot ask for more!

- Sri18-02-2020

Excellent service, not only has very good location and equipment, additional customer service is perfect, Nina was always attentive to my needs and answering effectively and At times, I really enjoy my stay with Heritage Apartment

- Libia15-02-2020

Very nice and clean. Perhaps just have a communal area for gathering of small groups to allow for corporate stays?

- Neels14-02-2020

The host was very helpful in addressing all the queries. Mary is a great host and will love to suggest the place to my friends.

- Mathews K.14-02-2020

Was very happy with interactions with all the staff. Only complaint is that the apartment could be a bit better equipped. The two frying pans were teflon and scratched. Scratched teflon pans need to be thrown out as they are highly carcinogenic. It is better to use steel pans or ceramic in a rental. There was no wok – there’s a large Chinese population here and my wife happens to be Chinese too. A plastic bowl for washing vegetables would have been helpful. A bread board and two cutting boards – one for meat, the other for vegetables – would save your counters There are deep knife gouges in the counter top where guests have prepared food directly on the counter (which is very unhygienic). A hotel style safe would be helpful. We only realized on the last day that one draw was lockable, so were always a bit worried about leaving passports, valuables, etc. in the apartment. Then a showing of the apartment was arranged with just an hour’s notice in the middle of the day. That I thought highly unreasonable. It was cancelled but should never have been considered to begin with on such short notice. I have run an Airbnb in the States for the last three years and provided every single one of these items since day one. They don’t cost much but help make a guest feel better equipped and the stay more like home.

- Glenn12-02-2020

The apartment at Purvis Street was fantastic. It was spacious, comfortable and super well located. Kudos to the Heritage Apartments team for being helpful as ever.

- Arnav S.10-02-2020

Stayed there for the second time. Very pleasant experience, great Location and very modern/clean. Highly recommended. Excellent central location near two major MRT lines. WiFi Connection a bit weak in some of the rooms.

- Stefan05-02-2020